Operational business strategy for organizations of any size or stage that want to enable better business outcomes, quickly.

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Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Consultancy That Works.

We complement and augment your existing teams to unlock your potential.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of your people, processes and systems to elevate your capability, and provide differentiated value for the people that you serve.
Primary Research & Benchmarking

Implement your own primary research capability, to help establish your brand as thought leader. Generate the actionable insights necessary to define your strategies and accelerate your trajectory.

Start-Up to Scale-Up Acceleration

Super-charge your business. Define your strategic goals, go-to-market strategy, product strategy, and commercial model to transition from early-stage start-up to a sustainable high-growth business model.

Customer Experience Enablement

Define the technologies, processes and roles necessary to support your customers throughout the lifecycle of your engagement, deliver customer success at scale, and differentiate your brand.

Meeting Culture Transformation

Elevate your meeting experiences, increase productivity and eradicate pointless meetings. Leverage the world's largest study of meeting preferences and the first end-to-end meeting design framework.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Identify targets, define synergies and quantify value. Prepare all parties for integration, including a consolidated go-to-market, product strategy, operational business strategy and branding.

New Markets & Branding

Identify complementary services offerings, and new routes to market, that align with your existing go-to-market strategy. Refresh your brand and value proposition, or opt for a complete redesign.

Our Consultancy Services.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Getting to know you

Imagine working with a consultant that knows your business as well as you do, but plugs all of the gaps in your knowledge that has restricted your potential. Imagine what you could achieve if there was a short-cut to the right people, processes and technologies to establish a 'next level capability' for your entire organization.

Our 'minimum viable term' for delivering meaningful, actionable insights is three months. It is not possible to sufficiently understand a business and make recommendations that can be implemented in less time.

Whatever the nature of our engagement, we always start with a 'discovery phase' so that we can evidence that we 'know you' sufficiently well to provide meaningful advice.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Making recommendations

Before making any recommendations, we must first evidence that we truly understand your business. We will do this via an 'As-Is Report', including a written report and presentation. This will confirm your operating model, strategic goals, objectives of our engagement, challenges that may need to be overcome and general observations.

The 'To-Be Model' follows, and makes recommendations regarding your future state, that are aligned with the project objectives. At this point, we will also propose a transition plan to migrate you from your current state. This will include recommendations regarding your people, processes and systems, to ensure the requisite capabilities.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Implementing change

The purpose of any engagement is to help you realize your goals more quickly, and more efficiently, than you could have done on your own. We also want to ensure that you are not reliant on us, or any other third party, long-term.

To help manage the transition to your To-Be Model, we will advise and support your existing team, creating new 'leave-behind' capabilities as we progress. In the absence of internal resource to manage your transition, we can provide interim management and leadership support for whatever change program is needed.

Our objective is to enable self-sufficiency for all of our clients as quickly as possible, but also to ensure that any change implemented sticks. We have extensive change management and adoption expertise to guide you on this journey.

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We provide a wide range of consultancy services, tailored to your needs, to help your meet your business goals. All engagements start with an initial assessment of your current state and a discussion regarding your future plans.

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