We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve better business outcomes with fewer meetings.

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Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Better Meetings by Design.

We are authors of Better Meetings by Design and facilitators of the Global Meetings Survey.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of meetings, to drive greater workplace productivity and differentiate your organization through exceptional meeting experiences.
Evaluate your meeting experiences

Ask your people how they feel about meetings. Analyse their feedback and interpret what it means. Determine what impact meetings have on everything that you do and whether any action is needed.

Establish your meeting maturity

Benchmark your existing state of meetings and define your options for improvement. Pivot your meeting strategies to accommodate a new way of working. Plot your path to your meeting potential.

Elevate your meeting skills

Empower your meeting leaders and meeting participants with the meeting skills that they need. Enhance your organization’s meeting proficiency. Embed new meeting habits organization-wide.

Democratize your meetings

Make exceptional meeting experiences accessible and inclusive for everyone involved, whatever their needs, regardless of their location, role, format of meeting or the technology being used.

Moderate your meeting time

Reverse the proliferation of unnecessary or inefficient meetings. Take control of your diary and free up your time. Determine the optimal approach for realizing your intended meeting outcomes.

Continuously improve your meetings

Track your better meetings progression. Identify trends and react accordingly. Iterate and improve your meeting strategies. Keep up to date with the speed of change. Leverage emerging techniques.

Our Better Meetings Services.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Global Meetings Survey

Our Global Meetings Survey is the first of its kind to establish a 'baseline' for how the world does meetings.

The survey is free to participate in, with an annual Global Meetings Report published at the start of each calendar year. We use this data to benchmark individual organizations and their 'meeting maturity' against a global standard. Everyone that participates in the survey will receive a free copy of our report.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Better Meetings Survey, Report & Strategy

A customized version of our Global Meetings Survey, built in your own brand and tone of voice; tailored to your unique meetings environment.

Analysis and insights form the survey is presented in a highly visual infographic-style report. A Better Meetings Strategy is proposed, with actionable recommendations that you can apply independently.

Better Meetings
Better Meetings

Better Meetings by Design

Our Better Meetings Method, shared via an interactive playbook that includes our processes, tips and techniques for enabling better meetings.

The insights and recommendations in your Better Meetings Report and Better Meetings Strategy are directly linked to our playbook to facilitate independent, actionable outcomes.

Meeting Maturity Index

Our framework for benchmarking both your existing state of meetings and your potential future state of meetings.

Ad-hoc (unstructured)

Meetings just happen, with everyone left to choose the tools, techniques and people to involve. The volume and cost of meetings aren't measured. Outcomes aren't tracked. No one is made accountable for the success of their meetings.

Exploring (structuring)

Attempts are being made to measure and improve meeting success. Technology has been made available, with basic training and guidance to support better meetings. Meetings have been recognized as a critical business capability.

Developing (normalizing)

A meeting strategy and budget has been defined. Standardized processes and techniques have been implemented. Meeting proficiency is being measured in addition to meeting capability becoming enabled.

Embedding (industrializing)

Meetings are recognized as integral to the workflow and output of the entire business. Better meetings are expected, with best practice and tools now fully embedded across the entire organization. Meetings are now an expected competency.

Optimizing (innovating)

Meeting capability and proficiency has become a brand and value differentiator. The impact of better meetings can be tracked from initial objective to business outcome. A cycle of continuous improvement has been implemented.

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We provide a wide range of Better Meetings Services, tailored to your needs, to support you on your better meetings journey. All engagements start with an assessment of your existing state of meetings via our Better Meetings Survey.

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